Ep.0 – INTRO

A little bit more about your host Rob Albrecht…….


The film and tv industry can be grueling. Why the hell many of us are still working here may just be a testament to our passion for our crafts, aided by an oft repeated slogan in our head, “at least we’re not working in a cubicle.”

While I’m a non-union production sound mixer by trade, I came into this industry as an independent filmmaker working on my own scripts, making short films, web series, spec commercials, etc. After about five years of content creating I realized this wasn’t paying the bills enough, so I bought some sound gear and off I went. Ten years in and I’ve made a good living doing production sound for feature films, shorts, documentaries, commercials, web series, corporate shoots, events, everything.

Yet all those years being so focused on my job, I realized something. I didn’t bother to really get to know anyone else’s role on set, I mean really get to know them, their jobs, their dreams, their challenges and struggles…..and even how little I shared of myself.

So why not with a podcast to finally have that dialogue.

Thus, here we are now, On Air Off Set, with my guests ranging from Cinematographers to Script Supervisors, Actors to Extras, Film Teachers to Film students. The topics are endless. It’s my hope that this podcast can provide unique and honest insight from the various professionals that work in this industry, about their respective craft and the challenges they face, all while still tapping into the film fanatic in all of us and reminding us why we’re still here. Enjoy!

SPECIAL THANKS: John San Pablo for his theme music, Phil Ristaino for his logo design, and LIXI Studios for their microphones, and Riccardo Solorzano for his intro video